Five signs that it's time to change your bra

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1. The back floats In fact, support problems are mainly due to the fact that the size of your bra no longer suits you. The back is essential in determining your height. It is indeed this part of the bra that provides most of the support. If it is horizontal and hugs the body perfectly, then you are wearing the right size. Has your chest size decreased as a result of weight loss? Is your bra so old that your back has almost lost all elasticity? The back will adjust less well and therefore no longer provide sufficient support.

2. Your body has changed We have already mentioned this and this is one of the main reasons that a bra does not "fit" anymore: a woman's body - and therefore also his chest - changes about six times in a lifetime. Whatever the reason for this metamorphosis, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, sporting activity, new drug treatment or other, the ideal is to seek advice in a specialized store. Sometimes all it takes is a minor change for your usual bra to no longer offer you the support, comfort or support you want.

3. Doubly plump chest syndrome When the bra is perfectly adapted, the breasts stay in place because the cup hugs the breast firmly and intimately. If, while moving, you have the impression that your breasts are sticking out of the cup or that the cup has a tendency to bend, the bra is too big. If, on the contrary, the bra gives you a doubly plump bust, with the neckline that shears and breaks the fluidity of the curve, you are probably wearing a size too small. Both the cup size and the chest circumference may be involved here.

4. You must continually adjust the strap or it constantly falls off The strap contributes to the lifting effect of the bra. Usually it is enough to adjust the length once. If you constantly have to do this or the straps keep slipping off the shoulder, then the choice of bra is at issue.

5. The inter-cup is no longer in intimate contact with the skin The piece between the two cups of the bra must stick perfectly to the breastbone. If this is not the case, the cups will no longer be able to properly wrap the chest. In other words, your bra will no longer offer her sufficient support.

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