Top 10 mistakes not to make

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1. Choose your bra according to the cup size. You shouldn't rely on your cup size to choose your bra, but rather start with the bust measurement. The cup depths are linked to the breasts and vice versa.

2. Wear a bra that is too small. Women identify with their cup depth so much that they are reluctant to go up a cup size and go down a bust measurement. Accept this larger cup size and you will see that your bra will really fit you better.

3. Tighten the bra on the tightest clips. In use, a bra will relax. So buy a bra that fits snugly on the last hooks at the ends, and use the tighter clips when the bra relaxes.

4. Let the back band come up over your back. The back band should never be higher than the frame. If so, your chest measurement is probably too big.

5. Continue to wear a half cup or balconette bra instead of a full cup or underwire bra. Which one is right for you depends on the texture of your breasts. If your bust is firm and naturally high, then you can use push-up or half-cup bras. But if, like most women, your chest is rather flexible and does not hold straight naturally, it will tend to nestle at the bottom of the basket and you will have a space at the level of the strap. The breasts are naturally conical in shape, not round. When you wear a bra that already has its own shape, you are trying to adapt supple skin to that shape. Which gives the puddle effect. On the contrary, the seams of a sewn underwire bra work like the support beams of a house, giving structure and shape to the breasts. These bras mold the breast to its shape, instead of forcing the breasts to fit into a predetermined shape.

6. Thinking that you can wear the same bra with all types of outfits. Try several types of bras with each item of clothing you have, to make sure you match your outfit with the bras that suit her best.

7. Wearing the same bra two days in a row. You might have a favorite bra, but you shouldn't be wearing it two days in a row. Allowing the bra to rest ’for at least every other day allows it to regain elasticity. When you wear it for two days in a row, you decrease its lifespan.

8. Wash your bra in Woolite. It was actually designed for softer wool, so you shouldn't be using it for elastic, because you want it to stay firm. Instead, use a soap designed for bras sold in specialized stores.

9. Keeping a bra on for too long. The life of a bra is not forever. After a while, the band relaxes, and no longer supports you. This is why you should have three to four bras in your wardrobe, so that you can rotate and therefore make them last longer.

10. Tell yourself that the wrong bra will do the trick. Women simply resign themselves to the fact that a bra won't fit perfectly. We get annoyed, we tire of looking for the right bra, and we end up accepting the one that best fits us. This is a big mistake. In closing, don't forget: The key to having a great day is having a well-fitting bra.

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