Why a red bra is magical like a holiday love and more

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You can't have a radiant summer without a red bra. Red is invisible under white tops. And it turns out that white is one of the hottest trends of the season. But there are plenty of other good reasons to bet on red. I explain to you why red lingerie is magical like a holiday love and even more…

1. A red bra is sort of your secret agent. If you've never taken the test before, you might find it hard to believe. But a bra is a thousand times more invisible under white than a white bra! Being much closer to the color of the skin, it contrasts less and therefore “stands out” less. So there's something secret about a red bra, just like your first vacation love!

2. A red bra is as sexy ... as a date on the street Worn under white, red also evokes meetings on the fly with your secret lover. Because just because you prefer to be discreet under your white tops doesn't mean you can't be seductive by showing off a sexy red suspender.

3. A red bra puts your love life on the best footing In China, red is a party color. In Spain and Italy, it brings good luck. And in Latin America, it portends a fruitful love life Curious to see what a red bra does under white clothes?

Get the red bra of your dreams.

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